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Welcome to the Battleship New Jersey Historical Museum Society web page. The purpose of the Society was to assist and support the battleship New Jersey in the territorial waters of the State of New Jersey.

We are deeply saddened to report the passing of Society president Vince Falso during May.

USS New Jersey (BB-62) is one of the four battleships of the Iowa class, the largest, fastest and most powerful battleships the US ever built, and among the biggest battleships ever. Beyond her imposing size and physical characteristics, the "Big J" has an unmatched record of service to her country.

In 1975, a number of enthusiasts founded the Society as a statewide non-profit organization whose purpose was to bring the ship to a place of honored retirement in her "name" state. The Society's efforts were ultimately rewarded when the Battleship New Jersey Museum opened in Camden, NJ.

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