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USS New Jersey Veterans

Many former crew members have asked us how to contact other former crew members. The Battleship New Jersey Historical Museum Society is not set up for that purpose, but another organization is: the "USS New Jersey Veterans Inc." You can write to them at:

Larry Kalakauskis, BTC USN Ret.(Viet.) 67-69
USS New Jersey Veterans Inc.
6160 Roberts Drive
San Diego, California 92139

Phone: (619) 470-3659

President/Director: Richard Esser
3930 Meister Road
Lorain, N OH 44053
440-262-8272 (Home)
440-246-0737 (FAX)

Their website is

Their site is run by Ed Campbell.

Please see the USS New Jersey Veterans' reunion website or call 619-470-3659 for details.

The Society was not organizationally related to the USS New Jersey Veterans Inc., but many former crewmen are members of both organizations.

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